I am an argentinian audiovisual artist that works with video, installations, music and paintings. My work arises from imagining the spaces of the mind, the models of realities that are born within them and their relationship with digital tools such as 3d modeling and sound design. Thinking about that, I seek to represent plant and memetic ecosystems appropriating the imagery of sci’fi, psychodelia, cartoons and cyber punk.
In addition to my individual work, I was part of the artistic collective Oligatega and the electro punk group Hipnoflautas.
I was a fellow in the workshop program taught by Guillermo Kuitca (2003-2005), LIPAC at the CCRojas (2007), Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas (2009) and the FNA Creation grant (2016 and 2019). Participate in Diana Aisemberg's work clinics.
My work was exhibited at the CC Kirchner, Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León (Spain), Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Cultural Center of Belgrade (Serbia), at the ArtFutura, Mutek, Sonar, Robot and Trimarchi festivals , at the Artists' Television Access (San Francisco, USA),, Art Basel (Switzerland) and at the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón, among others.
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