Eramos la humanidad (We were humanity) is a project in which I imagine future post-physical evolutions of life in nature, from the perspective of science fiction and psychedelia. I am interested in thinking in a future beyond the human, where our legacy - in the form of language, thought, subcultures and technology - is assimilated and resignified by nature to build an ecosystem inhabited by new forms of consciousness that are incomprehensible to us.
The heart of the project is the simulation of a virtual world that I created in collaboration with Joan Sol Roo in programming, using a video game engine. That world is inhabited by the Entes (Entities), creatures that evolved from human thought and hybridized with technology, fungi, plants and other animals. The world that the Entes inhabit is a cyberspace in which different times and spaces that arise in the infinite flow of nature are superimposed.
The simulation uses generative systems and artificial intelligence to decide the characters' actions and recombine different elements, 3D models, animations and sounds. The result are mutant scenes,  real time  theatrical pieces  improvised by virtual actors that explore various themes related to human thought, technology and nature.
In the different instances of Eramos la humanidad, Entes - from a perspective that is alien to us - relate to topics that in one way or another define the idea of ​​what is human. Thus, in each new exhibition of the project I feed the simulation with information about humanity and nature, which the Entes assimilate and process in their own incomprehensible languages.

The project took its current form and name in 2020, but - like thoughts and organic lifeforms - it evolved from previous projects, mutating some of its characteristics and maintaining others. Since 2015, I have held different exhibitions of this project in different formats such as installations, short films, paintings, VR pieces, live performances and video games.
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