Duo exhibition with Azul del Monte in Espacio Pla Gallery (Buenos Aires)
Video, 3d Animation, Paintings
Curatorial text by Merlina Rañi

Interpretation Exercises is a curatorial work to be developed in two modules, which seeks to investigate paths and tools to encompass contemporary manifestations in Digital art. In module II, works by Azul De Monte and Mateo Amaral are presented, two artists who are linked from a poetics established in the dialogue between the digital and pictorial  composition . Their digital works are developed using animation software, sets of programs that operate under an interface with the purpose of offering an intuitive tool for the digital production, originally designed to simulate plastic techniques and which in turn They are linked by tradition to the construction of narratives (cinema, video games, cartoons, etc.). The inevitable relationship between tool and poetics generates, in these two cases, processes of work based on fictions that are nourished by scientific discoveries, personal ontological and theoretical reflections, but they are guided by a computer logic.
Mateo Amaral proposes a series in which he investigates the consciousness of plants, to build some approach to the topic from your own imagination. His observation starts from the only consciousness he knows, the human, to detect the substantial difference between the organism of its species and that of plants, photosynthesis. At the base of this process finds the keys to its narrative construction: the basic elements that plants consume and synthesize, the carbon molecules, the sugars they generate, the photons that activate his process, marking a type of metabolism that he compares to a language of low programming, direct to the hardware, closer to the abstract language of the universe that ours, free of conceptual or rational filters. 

While Zoom In introduces us layer by layer to this molecular structure, the Vegetal series brings us closer to the sensitive line of this narrative, and together they build the panorama general of a fiction, located in the abstraction of silence and universal eternity. 
The imaginary and fable that Amaral constructs about the consciousness of plants is based in the fundamental difference that exists between these organisms and humans, photosynthesis. In this he detects important clues represented by the basic elements that Plants consume and synthesize: the carbon molecules, the sugars they generate, the Photons that activate its process constitute a type of metabolism that can be compared to a low-level programming language, directly to the hardware. This direct language, but organic, free of conceptual or rational filters, in which consciousness would be encrypted vegetable, is of a temporality that is eternal for human consciousness.
 The animation introduces us layer by layer into the most intimate functioning of plants: the of their metabolism, in order to get closer to the abstraction of their consciousness. In the Plant Series, the exploration of plant consciousness and the language in which it is encrypted, it is represented in its aesthetic and formal value, by its morphology and texture. In Contrast with the detail of the animation (Zoom In), Vegetal uses plastic tools and pictorial composition to manifest the sensitive aspect of fiction.
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