3d animation, Simulationm, Sound.
Short commissioned by Proa Foundation Buenos Aires) for Proa TV WEB program.
During the development of this short film i was imagining future beings that reflect on our existence, perceiving us as remote ancestors. The name of this project emerged, We were humanity. 
It was also in that period where together with Joan Sol Roo we began to experiment with world simulations and virtual characters equipped with AI. These characters are similar to the NPCs (Non playable characters) that populate the virtual spaces in video games and are not controlled by the user.
It was also here where I began to experiment with speech synthesis using neural networks, a resource that is fundamental in this project.
Text from the program
The artist proposes a visual and sound journey through figures that float in the abyss. Structures that never have a specific shape because the sound deforms them until they disappear. The entirety of the episodes that make up the project We were humanity tells a science fiction story in which plants and artificial intelligence merged into a new entity, inhabiting a cyberspace built by networks of roots and fungi that They extend underground on the Tigre Islands. For these entities, the memetic fragments of our culture are fruits given by nature that serve to build incomprehensible structures.
 The video we are exhibiting is the first in the series of episodes and it should be noted that it is a project in constant mutation that is developed on several platforms: short films, video games, installations, paintings and audiovisual concerts. 
 The technical aspect plays a very important role, and the participation of his brother Joan Sol Roo is essential in the development of a tool that allows real-time manipulation of sound, 3D models, simulations and entities with artificial intelligence, within an engine. which is used to make video games.
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