Instalacion CCK 2020
The Devonian period was key for our evolution. In it, the plants that came out of the seas created the first forests and transformed the terrestrial atmosphere, making animal life possible and by extension allowing the existence of our species. We are then not separated from Nature, but part of a vast continuity of interdependent living forms. In this work I explore the possibilities of imagining the landscapes of this fundamental time period for our existence, and ask myself how was the mind of the planet then.
 The work participated in the Film and Science Festival that year in VR format, and was part of an exhibition at the Cultural Center of Belgrade (Serbia) in 2018 and the “Dynamics for Existence” exhibition at CC Kirchner in 2019. On those occasions I experimented with the multichannel installation format, building a landscape with multiple projectors, which is also a key element in the installations of We were humanity.
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